Why Angel Investors Should Be Jostling For a Slice of PAI

PAI angel investor

Investors pride themselves on their ability to sniff out good deals. Considering the volatility in traditional markets, quality deals may appear in different shapes and sizes—it would behoove investors to shop carefully these days.

Light my fire

The pandemic set the stage for investors seeking shelter, shuttering small businesses requiring capital and everyday people falling further behind in wealth accumulation. The SEC tossed a lit match on this kindling by upping the maximum allowable amount raised through to crowdfunding to $5M. It’s not often that the SEC greenlights a nearly 5X increase in anything.

American PAI

The crowdfunding increase isn’t just a boon for everyday entrepreneurs; it equally benefits angel investors in our unique Public Accelerator Incubator (PAI) Ecosystem. How? By serving each of our three customers:

  • Entrepreneurs needing more money,
  • Angels needing access to early liquidity from their private investments,
  • Everyday people needing an opportunity to participate in early stage investing into companies—generally, before the IPO

In the PAI Ecosystem, each customer’s needs are met, but never at the expense of anyone else. In the absence of glaring power imbalances like in VC, a rising tide lifts all boats. Isn’t that what the American Dream was predicated upon?

A two-fer

At its core, our PAI is designed to solve two pressing issues for two classes of investors:

  • Lack of liquidity for angel and early-stage investors participating in startups and development stage companies
  • Lack of opportunity for everyday people to participate in potentially high-valued, high-growth small business from the beginning—private or in the microcap public markets

We understand the challenges faced by today’s market, which is why we’ve built a nimble ecosystem that does good by doing well. Angel investors get better value from investing in companies that participate in the PAI Ecosystem, contribute to supporting Main Street, and have an increased shot at snagging unicorns. Talk about magical 🦄

Connect with us today to learn more: info@digitalamn.com 

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