DigitalAMN CEO Ajene Watson Kicks off Underground Radio Tour with DJ Krazy Ray at Da Boom Boom Room – POWER 203FM

Both DigitalAMN and Dot Hip Hop LLC (DHH) recently announced the reintroduction of the .HipHop Top-Level Domain (gTLD) to the domain community, as well as making a formal introduction of .HipHop to the global Hip Hop community.

In doing this, Ajene Watson, CEO of DigitalAMN, and an Executive Managing Director of Dot Hip Hop, LLC, has decided to do something very uncharacteristic—he is embarking on an underground radio tour to talk about the .HipHop venture and his vision of how it will contribute to the next 50 Years of the culture.

The Kick-Off began yesterday (Tuesday, May 17th, 2022), on Power 203FM, on: Da Boom Boom Room, hosted by DJ Krazy Ray.

Ajene Watson commented, “Fact is, the growth of Hip Hop was a grass-roots movement, which was immortalized by the urban community that initially sought to keep the culture “underground” and not necessarily “cross-over” to a commercial one. When I was a kid, this was referred to as ‘keeping it real’. Today, the commercialization of the culture has allowed Hip Hop to permeate around the world. But even now, new sounds in music, new fashion trends, new dance styles, new ways of emceeing… continues to be born from the core of the culture; gaining broader acceptance, first, through a grass-roots movement. That is the reason for choosing to initially focus on ‘underground’ media outlets vs. larger commercial ones.”

“At DigitalAMN, our mission is simple: to create and promote generational wealth opportunities for the 99%. Prior to joining the DHH initiative, I never considered digital assets such as websites and a web presence as something viable to build long-term and transferrable wealth. However, after learning about the Domain Naming marketspace from our partners Monte Cahn and Jeff Neuman, seeing the unique opportunities of Web 3.0, and the fact that Hip Hop is a multi-billion-dollar—arguably a trillion dollar—industry, the dots instantly connected.”

“So, I have decided to do radio interviews throughout the country and in different parts of the world, looking to maintain a grassroots effort. The goal is to promote .HipHop, DigitalAMN, and the generational wealth building opportunities we aim to create for the 99%. I’m super excited to have had the opportunity to kick off this radio tour with DJ Krazy Ray and Power 203FM. I am very grateful to him and his team, for spring boarding this effort.”

The interview, featuring Ajene Watson and DJ Krazy Ray, can be found HERE.

If you’re interested in securing a .HipHop domain name, or for more information on the Dot Hip Hop, LLC venture and initiative, please visit

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