DigitalAMN Increases Investment Interest In Music Collaboration Ecosystem Project JAM to Ensure Completion of Project Development and Rollout

This past month, DigitalAMN decided to increase its private investment into Project JAM, to help ensure the development of its music collaboration platform. While we remain very confident that Project JAM will ultimately raise money through their equity crowdfunding offering, we want to ensure that they hit their aggressive business development targets in the upcoming months.

This illustrates one of the wealth of benefits that DigitalAMN offers to its range of client-companies. We stand committed to the success of each client-company; at the very least, accelerating them to a point where they have a fighting chance to bring their product and service to market. The most important aspect for us in this process, is that we also give everyday people (non-accredited and/or accredited) investment opportunities into any of our client-companies through the JOBS Act (Reg. CF or Reg. A+) leveraging one of TruCrowd’s equity crowdfunding portals, so that they too may experience more optimal conditions for financial success. 

By ‘success,’ we mean the greater possibility of not losing money (i.e. getting principal back), making a good return on investment (solid ROIs), and establishing transferable wealth through a securities-based asset that could potentially increase in value. While we cannot guarantee this outcome, we are absolutely committed to seeing everyday people succeed – both the entrepreneur and investor.

We believe that Project JAM, much like the music royalty sharing app Vezt, Inc. – also a client-company of DigitalAMN, will make great contributions to the cultural shift currently underway in the music industry and emerge as leaders within that marketplace. As they say, let the music take control

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