DigitalAMN Looks to Invest and Ally with ‘Members Only’ Goldfingr Investment Network

I am thrilled to be rounding the bases on a negotiation to align DigitalAMN with an inspiring and unique ‘Members Only’ private investment network, Goldfingr – through an investment that will add value to our equity portfolio while engendering an important relationship anticipated to strengthen the ethos of DigitalAMN and broaden the capability of our PAI ecosystem.

Goldfingr is: “the modern paradigm of social clubs – a think tank, incubator and socially conscious business accelerator.  We use technology, events and brick and mortar social clubs to keep our members connected. We’ve integrated raising capital, investing, business, the arts, entertainment and social, adding unprecedented value to our members, with a complete VIP experience.” 

Founded in NYC in 2014, Goldfingr now has chapters in New York City, London, Singapore, Zürich, Tel Aviv, San Juan and Miami.

As I’m sure you are aware, we generally invest in companies as part of our basic business model; adhering to our mission to provide the 99% [everyday people] with the unique opportunity to take control over their financial future. We do this by offering entrepreneurs access to money to build businesses and allow everyday people the ability to invest in these ventures when they’re affordable. Of course, these companies contribute to the value of our equity portfolio; growing shareholder confidence.

Then there are those investments meant to play the important role of improving our ecosystem so that we may operate our basic business model more effectively and efficiently. TruCrowd, Inc. and (now a part of TruCrowd, Inc.) for example, were among those investment types. While TruCrowd, Inc., an equity crowdfunding portal (reflected as a Top 10 competitor by both VentureBeat and StartEngine), has afforded us the ability to execute on the acceleration phase of DigitalAMN’s PAI Model, it has also significantly contributed to the valuation of our DAMN equity portfolio. Aligning with companies within our equity portfolio such as TruCrowd, Inc. also allows us the ability to repackage certain service offerings, increasing our viability to other alliance opportunities – such as this one contemplated with Goldfingr.

As a vetted member [DigitalAMN] of Goldfingr, I can tell you firsthand that this is a cool-ass company.  And as its CEO Rob Charles Wells often comments, their ethos and what they do is ‘nothing new’, per se. How they do it, is ultimately what makes them stand out. Since being introduced to Goldfingr in late 2017 by our executive adviser Robert Menendez (co-founder of Vezt, Inc – (part of the DAMN equity portfolio)), we’ve been watching Goldfingr’s development and witnessing their growth between 2018 and 2020.  I believe the value of this alliance though investment will not only reflect positively in the DAMN equity portfolio, but will help us demonstrate the second phase of our PAI model – Incubation. In the incubation phase, having access to a private network of high net worth people through Goldfingr will be indispensable to DigitalAMN’s client-companies after they have been accelerated by DigitalAMN.

Why does this matter? Just go back to our mission and how we intend to achieve it. If you don’t see it today, we are confident that one day you will. In the meantime, we will keep you abreast of this transaction and make the appropriate announcements as significant progress is made with our proposed alliance through investment into Goldfingr.

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