DigitalAMN Strengthens Intellectual Property Portfolio with Third Registered Trademark, Coffee Talk®

PAI®, Angels+® and Coffee Talk® Contribute to DigitalAMN’s Growing Asset Value

DigitalAMN recently added Coffee Talk® to its Intellectual Property portfolio of registered marks, which includes Angels+® and Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI®). These trademarks have increased the Company’s asset portfolio value and play a crucial role in the rollout of its products, services and operations.

Let’s take a quick look!

Angels+® suite of products accelerates the investment process by mitigating risk and illiquidity from private investments. This product suite provides early liquidity, an increase in ROI and hedges against the typical long- and short-term risks associated with startup and early-stage investments.

The Public Accelerator-Incubator, or PAI® is a “hybrid” accelerator that offers an all-in-one solution for startups and early-stage companies, including assistance with business development, funding, and marketing. The PAI® is the Company’s cornerstone business and its economic strategy is to build a robust portfolio of early-stage companies having pre-money valuations of $10M – $100M, in emerging industries and high-growth markets. Benefits of the PAI® include: (i) cash flow, (ii) equity compensation, (iii) preferential discounts on future investments in early-stage businesses, and (iv) future exits. 

Coffee Talk® is a communication platform providing viable and intrinsically important non-material and material information to shareholders and future investors. It will serve as an official press corps for private and public companies (i.e. $DATI), offering a space for traditional press and media outlets, to access real-time, verifiable information, straight from an executive corporate source.

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As mentioned in, “Is A Trademark Intellectual Property and Why Is It Important For Your Business?,” having a strong portfolio of intellectual property is crucial for any company in today’s competitive market. Especially if you want to define, differentiate, establish, and grow your value. DigitalAMN is no exception! That is why this management has and will continue to dedicate resources to securing trademarks and other valuable IP. These trademarks not only contribute to the Company’s current and future valuation, but as demonstrated above, play a crucial role in DigitalAMN’s business, growth and operations.

The fact is, we are seriously committed to building a valuable portfolio of assets, which must include a strong and viable IP portfolio. This is, if not for any other reason, than to simply protect our business interests and create long-term value for shareholders. Angels+®, PAI®, and Coffee Talk® represent just the beginning of our growing IP portfolio. However, even with just these three trademarks alone, DigitalAMN is well-positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of services for angels, entrepreneurs, and novice/non-accredited investors. Thus, giving us a lane to become a major player in the startup ecosystem and financial and business services space, while setting the course for us to build a large and well diversified investment and operating company.

That’s the power and value of IP! A contributing factor to what makes it possible to successfully achieve our upcoming capital raise (, priced at $0.35.

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