Dot Hip Hop’s Expert Team: Leading the Next Phenomenon of Hip Hop Culture

The success of any startup relies on having the right team in place. DigitalAMN recognizes this importance, and the Dot Hip Hop, LLC (“DHH”) team stands out as the foundation for the success of this enterprise. As noted in DigitalAMN’s blog, “Why A Great Team Is The Foundation To Business Success,” having a solid team is essential for startups. DHH’s team consists of experienced professionals and domain name industry experts who possess a wide range of skills and expertise.

Monte Cahn, the Managing Partner and Director of Dot Hip Hop, LLC, is an expert pioneer in the field of the domain naming market space. He has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare, high technology, and internet fields. Monte has been pioneering domain and aftermarket services since 1995, helping many new and existing TLDs have successful launches, and achieving more than $570M in domain sales.

Monte is the Founder and President of RightOfTheDot, LLC, a licensed brokerage & premium domain auction firm, the Founder and former CEO of, which is a leading ICANN Accredited Registrar, and the former President of—a leading domain auction platform for expired domain names.

Jeff Neuman, the Chief Legal Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Dot Hip Hop, LLC, is also a prominent figure in the domain name industry. He is the Founder & CEO of JJN Solutions, LLC, a legal and policy consultancy serving intellectual property, infrastructure technology transactions, and internet governance. He has provided policy assistance and advice in the fields of internet governance, intellectual property protection, and domain name policy since the mid-1990s. Jeff is a frequent speaker on issues involving intellectual property, domain names, online dispute resolution and the introduction of new generic top–level domain names and has testified before both the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

Scott Pruitt, an experienced professional in the field of branding and marketing, was also brought into the team by Monte and Jeff. Pruitt has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and branding, specializing in digital assets and the domain name aftermarket. He has worked with various clients including Newfold Digital, to create successful marketing campaigns and help them reach their target audience effectively.

Together, Monte, Jeff, and Scott’s expertise and experience are invaluable to the success of DHH. Their leadership and vision have set the foundation for the Company’s growth and expansion. They have brought together a team of skilled professionals who possess the necessary self-motivation, analytical skills, and out-of-the-box thinking to bring the Company’s vision to life. One of those people is our very own, Ajene Watson (of DigitalAMN).

Along with Monte Cahn’s company, Cahn Enterprises, DigitalAMN is also a principal partner in Dot Hip Hop, LLC. This ownership does not require Watson to be a Director at DHH. However, given Watson’s connection to the culture of Hip Hop and his long-established business acumen, these domain industry pioneers found it suitable to elect Watson as a Director in the domain registry. Watson’s goal is to help accelerate DigitalAMN’s ambition of bringing financial literacy to ‘everyday’ people in the form of Digital Real Estate education, using the .HipHop domain extension as a catalyst, and the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop as the backdrop (Hip Hop turns 50 on August 11, 2023). Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Educating a global culture and driving economic empowerment through .HipHop domain name registrations. [Register Your .HipHop Domain Name NOW!]

The referenced DigitalAMN blog stresses the importance of fostering an environment of trust, growth, enthusiasm, and collaboration within the team to promote unity and solidarity in professing corporate ideals. With the inclusion of Watson, DHH has achieved this, creating an environment where team members are comfortable with their skill sets, free to wear many hats, eager to take responsibility for their actions and push the boundaries of what a cultural and community branded gTLD, like .HipHop, can stand for. This allows for increased creativity and innovation across the board; especially as .HipHop domain names can correspond with the ENS (Ethereum Naming System) names on the blockchain; affording .HipHop domain name holders the ability to have Wallets and even mint their music as NFTs.

The combined skillsets of the various .HipHop team members is aligned with the Company’s values and goals such that each provides distinct contributions to assist with the Company’s success. The trio of Monte, Jeff and Scott possess extensive experience in the domain digital asset space and their guidance and leadership alone should assure the likely success of the .HipHop domain extension. However, with the addition of Ajene, .HipHop attains greater potential by transcending the domain name space and can soon become the next phenomenon of Hip Hop culture. This dynamic combination makes .HipHop a viable opportunity and contribution to DigitalAMN’s upcoming capital raise (, priced at $0.35.

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