Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Firm TruCrowd Services To Become A DAMN Subsidiary

Here at DigitalAMN, there’s only one thing we love more than the power of the crowd: the idea that everyday people can work toward financial literacy and get off the sidelines watching the rich get richer. In support of the crowd, we co-founded TruCrowd Services, LLC (the “Agency”) in 2019, as a Marketing Services Firm, focused on marketing Regulation A (Reg. A+) and Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) endeavors.

Through its RegABoost brand, TruCrowd Services, LLC became fruitful toward the close of 2019, with the Agency finding success with both its Reg. CF and Reg. A+ client campaigns. To take advantage of the Agency’s scalability and growth opportunity, it has been determined that TruCrowd Services, LLC would perform better and deliver more value to DigitalAMN, as a subsidiary of DAMN.

Over the past three months, DigitalAMN has increased its capital contribution into TruCrowd Services, LLC, to assist with stabilizing the Agency’s operations and increasing its client base. In tandem, DigitalAMN has taken the necessary steps to ultimately acquire controlling interest of the Agency; anticipating that DAMN’s Management Team will take the reins by the close of January 2020.

As the CEO of DigitalAMN, Ajene Watson mentioned in the May 2019 release, “This marketing services company will first and foremost increase our overall value proposition from both an equity and revenue perspective. Second, TruCrowd Services will help solidify DigitalAMN’s interest and [strategic] participation in the startup support marketplace. Both, increasing our visibility and viability to potential clients and investors.”

Having the Agency function as a subsidiary of DigitalAMN, offers DAMN the ability to extend beyond the RegABoost brand and offer comprehensive communication packages to both its private and public client and portfolio companies, positioning this to be a financially successful transaction for 2020.

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