Fact vs. Conjecture: Healthy Debate and Honest Criticism are Good for the Soul

While we are gaining many new supporters, we’re also attracting some non-believers along the way. And often, in a surge of enthusiasm on either side of the argument, important information many times becomes skewed. When skewed information is shared by proponents or opponents, the narrative that is created may be inaccurate, and inaccurate narratives, favorable or unfavorable, just isn’t something DigitalAMN can be complacent to.  

For example, it has come to my attention that there is some banter around one of our clients relative to our professional engagement.  

A particular Twitter follower did some research regarding Bullet Blockchain (“Bullet”), which I applaud and very much support. Research is something EVERYONE should be doing, especially when investing in a microcap company. I call it, ‘Trust and Verify,’ and it is a good practice to observe while investing. 

The question was around [paraphrasing/summarizing], how is Bullet a real opportunity, if there is no tenant by the name of Bullet at the Ireland address, and the U.S. address is just an office suite. The person then goes on to say, he/she wants to be confident about the company DigitalAMN will be assisting with crowdfunding.    

Well, this is an example of the type of situation I am speaking of. Regardless of if your arguments are for or against us, the argument needs to be based on (i) facts, and (ii) an understanding of our business model. So, let’s briefly unpack the facts, so that this debate can rage on in earnest. 

First, Bullet Blockchain does NOT have an address in the U.S., as of yet. Where did that even come from?? Further, we are not aware of Bullet having filed with any U.S. agencies or other regulatory bodies (federal, state, or local), any information concerning a U.S. presence, directly or indirectly, as of yet. 

Next, the Ireland address: Both the question and corresponding statements do have merit.   

It is true that Bullet is not a ‘tenant’ at that Ireland address. Just like in the United States, if a company is incorporated in the state of Nevada or Delaware, etc., they will have a registered agent in that state. However, the company itself may not be located there, nor is it required to be physically located in that state. Moreover, that same company may in fact have a mailing address at a local business center, but may not be a tenant anywhere in the state, while both its operations and tenancy are elsewhere. That is exactly what has similarly occurred with Bullet in Ireland.  Heck, if you think about it, virtually half of all public companies traded in the U.S. markets today are incorporated in a different state, rather than where they are headquartered. 

To the same regard, it was suggested that Bullet could be a ‘shell’ company. Close, but no cigar. In fact, Bullet was originally a Shelf Corporation (technically speaking), and using shelf corporations to jumpstart a private company’s formation is common practice. Keep in mind that this is a European company and terms take on different meanings than here in the U.S. So, there isn’t really any negative inference here. And to put this into perspective, this is as common of a practice as a private company reverse merging into a public company to expedite the process of ‘going public’; precisely Bullet’s hopeful intention.   

Last and possibly most important: the idea that Bullet is being crowdfunded by DigitalAMN. 

  • At this time, Bullet is NOT being crowdfunded.   
  • At this time, Bullet’s engagement with DigitalAMN is not to assist Bullet in undergoing a crowdfunding, particularly, NOT through the DigitalAMN PAI Program. 

For me, this is a super important point to keep in mind. Mostly because this gentleman/madam on Twitter, that was kind enough to share their research with everyone, made an excellent point—they did not want a shitty company being crowdfunded by DigitalAMN. Amen! Neither do we. Been there, done that, and we couldn’t agree more.  

So, since you’ve asked to learn more, give me just another moment to explain the different types of clients that shareholders can expect to see at DigitalAMN, as well as how we choose them and a few other points to note. 

Client Types

  1. Service Clients (receive business services a la carte) 
  1. PAI Clients (fully participate in the PAI Program within the PAI Ecosystem) 


  1. Service Clients:   Immediate and short-term clients that need assistance with very specific immediate or short-term business needs. These clients are ‘cash and carry’ type of clients; meaning, they pay the retainer and/or other engagement fees upfront to receive various business services. 
  1. PAI Clients:  Intermediate and long-term clients that enter the PAI Ecosystem and fully participate in the PAI Program. PAI Clients pay in a combination of cash and equity. The cash is paid within a given grace period and the stock is paid directly into the Company’s equity portfolio.   

Note:  those ”PAI Clients” engaged prior to the official launch of the PAI Program in 2021 may be excluded from having to participate in the PAI Program.  

Note: only those “PAI Clients” engaged prior to the official launch of the PAI Program—via the PAI Ecosystem in 2021, may be excluded from having to participate in the full PAI Program.  

Choosing clients

  1. Service Clients typically seek and engage DigitalAMN to provide a variety of business services. While there aren’t any specific requirements to become a Service Client, depending on what’s required of us, some cursory due diligence is conducted. In some cases (as it is with Bullet, currently), an increased amount of due diligence is required as services continue. Of course, the consequence of ongoing due diligence could result in DigitalAMN possibly terminating a client from its roster. 
  1. As of 2021, with the official launch of the PAI Program and Ecosystem, PAI Clients are only selected after a rigorous vetting process. PAI Clients represent much more to DigitalAMN than current revenue. Each PAI Client represents the potential future value of the DAMN equity portfolio; the value which is of great importance amongst all of us stakeholders. Therefore, prospects cannot simply ‘pay their way’ into the PAI Program. They must meet the requirements at every stage of our eight (8) stage evaluation process. 

Sidenotewe do hope to add a 9th stage, which would include shareholder participation. Of course, logistically this isn’t an easy add. Nonetheless, this is a goal of ours. Besides, who better to assist with the vetting of those business ventures that will impact the value of the DAMN equity portfolio, then those who ultimately become the benefactors of it. Our stakeholders, don’t you think? J   

What will the client [type] ratio be? 

It is our intention to focus on our core business model and ethos, which fundamentally revolves around the PAI Ecosystem and building the DAMN equity portfolio. Therefore, while Service Clients like Bullet will actively contribute to cash flow, this client type should constitute less than 25% of the DigitalAMN client base; PAI Clients representing more than 75%. 

Can a Service Client become a PAI Client? 

Yes, but only after meeting the requirements at every level of our eight (8) stage evaluation process. In the case of Bullet, this is not the intention at this time. 

Can Service Clients become a part of the DAMN equity portfolio? 

Not easily, but yes, this is possible.  A Service Client could potentially become part of the DAMN equity portfolio. This would occur after a deeper due diligence dive of the company and would likely occur as a result of some sort of business alliance or future opportunity for DigitalAMN. In the case of Bullet, this is a real possibility, should our current, deeper due diligence dive of the company check out and the business opportunity presents itself. 

Which client types will use equity crowdfunding (Reg. CF), Reg. A+ and/or other types of crowd supported funding as per the JOBS ACT? 

Service Clients are more than welcome to leverage equity crowdfunding (Reg. CF), Reg. A+ and/or other types of crowd supported funding (as per the JOBS Act), if they so choose. However, this is done without the assistance of DigitalAMN, or the use of the PAI Program. The Service Client can access any platform within the DigitalAMN ecosystem directly and independently of DigitalAMN.  They will need to engage these platforms directly. In the case of Bullet, given its current status as a Service Client, Bullet Blockchain can access a crowd supported funding (as per the JOBS Act) at any time it chooses but would have to do so independently of DigitalAMN, at this time.   

PAI Clients will always leverage some sort of crowd supported funding (as per the JOBS Act), as crowd supported fundings are an absolute requirement of the PAI Program’s full business model. 

And the beat goes on! 

Here is another fun fact for you. We will not always get it right, but we will strive to be at our best, even when it’s not convenient, or when times are difficult.  

It is my hope that the above information doesn’t quash the inquiries of curious minds, but rather fuel them. This way, being armed with more appropriate and accurate information, all sides can debate in earnest.  When that happens… well, you help us to become better than we were yesterday and surpass what we are today.  And for that, we are grateful to all of you. 

Oh, and never forget, you can always contact us here, or email us at info@digitalamn.com with your inquires and/or to arrange a phone call.  Please don’t rely purely on social media for answers about our company, call us! We dedicate time each and every day to address questions, concerns, or comments that come in. We look forward to answering your questions today!   

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