Melos Studio: The Team Digitizing the Future of Music Production, Creative Collaboration and Song Distribution

As noted in DigitalAMN’s blog, “Why A Great Team Is The Foundation To Business Success,” at Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.(“DigitalAMN”), we firmly believe that a great team is the foundation of business success. Melos Venture Limited, the Web3 company behind the revolutionary online music collaboration platform that allows music creators to create, protect and sell music as NFTs, Melos Studio, is a perfect example of this principle in action. 

The team’s hard work and dedication to building a decentralized music collaboration platform has already paid off, as Melos Studio gained significant traction in its first official year of business. To date, the platform now has roughly 1M registered users, 100K members in its Telegram community, and over 143K followers on Twitter.  It seems clear that the team’s collective experience and expertise has enabled them to create a platform that meets the needs of its targeted user base— music producers, musicians, artists, and music lovers alike.

Led by Yalu Lin, the co-founder and visionary, the team comprises a diverse group of individuals with varying skill sets, who are all passionate about using blockchain technology to transform the music industry and are well-equipped to succeed in the competitive world of Web3. Yalu has a diverse cultural background and holds a joint degree in Math and Computer Science from Imperial College London. Before Melos Studio, he co-founded a retail distribution company in Canada and has experience in global product R&D, sourcing management, and inventory-financial management. Yalu’s passion for innovation led him to blockchain technology, and he co-founded Melos Studio in 2021.

Daphne Wei, the general assistant of Melos Studio, has a PhD in Neurology and Psychiatry and has a deep understanding of emerging technologies such as AI, AR/VR, and esports. Daphne leverages her skills to construct fan-economic models that drive revenue generation and is interested in promoting Taiwan’s metaverse market through NFTs. She has also cultivated new startup industries in the digital realm. 

The CTO, Leo Lee, has over 15 years of experience in the internet industry and is an expert in Java virtual machine, decentralized chains, smart contracts, and machine learning.

The marketing team, based in Singapore, includes Susan Haun, Barry Dang, Karter Yong, and Rudy Chance, who have established strong relationships with web3 media and press and worked with successful projects such as Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and Binance NFT. They are committed to delivering the best results for their clients through social media campaigns, press releases, and influencer partnerships.

Aside from having a great team, what sets Melos Studio apart from other music collaboration platforms is its use of NFTs to capture and give full play to the value of every musical composition. The platform has received significant interest from institutional investors, including Binance Labs, Dapper Labs, NGC Ventures, Crypto PHD, Hash Global, Block Patch Korea, Ignite Group Ltd, Coach K, Multichain Capital, G Crypto, and Top 7 ICO. In fact, Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in Melos Studio, providing the platform with necessary technologies, consultation, and incubation services.

In addition, the DAM division of Digital Asset Monetary Network was engaged by Melos Venture Limited to assist with the positioning and expansion of its brand, products and services into the United States. This led to the launch of Melos U.S. (“Melos Studios, LLC”), which is initially being overseen by Mr. Robert Menendez. Robert has over 20 years of experience in finance, business development and management, and is a co-founder of several startups.  Robert also has an expertise in music fractionalization and other music related digital assets (i.e., crypto and music NFTs).

Melos Venture Limited, along with its growing Melos U.S. / North American team, which includes support from global solutions-innovator, Bach Essamari, have created an innovative platform that has the potential to transform the entire global music industry; especially the Hip Hop genre. With a growing user base, support from investors, reportedly over $3M dollars in revenue and its expansion into the U.S. Markets, Melos Studio is poised for success, making it a viable opportunity and contribution to DigitalAMN’s upcoming capital raise (, priced at $0.35.

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