Next Client: Global Election Services, Inc. – Continuing Our Push for Economic and Social Justice

DigitalAMN is in the process of onboarding Global Election Services, Inc. (GES), which provides comprehensive technology-enabled election services to organizations such as labor unions, credit unions, colleges, universities, residential groups, and trade associations.

In March of 2020, Global Election Services, Inc. (GES), successfully completed the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Presidential Primary election. The company was retained by the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, which offered a Vote-by-Mail option prior to Walk-In voting for the first time of its Firehouse Caucus. On this historic day, GES successfully proved the viability and integrity of their mail-in ballot process, highlighting such features as its proprietary Voter Registration and Voter Tabulation software.  

Through its parent company, GES was previously a client of my business management and development consultancy firm, from 2015 to 2017. During that time, I worked closely with the company’s management to further its business model to include designing, acquiring and incorporating various proprietary technologies (including blockchain) that would enhance the capacity of its voting and election services. Since then, it has been my personal intention to help see GES included as an integral part of the voting process for government elections. Moreover, there are currently five states that conduct elections entirely by the mail-in ballot procedure.

I’m optimistic because many elected officials, even several in the current administration, have voted by mail. In fact, the President and First Lady have both used absentee mail-in ballots to vote, joining the thousands of military families who regularly vote by mail as well. 

The 2020 North Dakota Democratic-NPL Presidential Primary caucus had the largest voter turnout in over a decade, in part, due to the Party’s decision to change the election format to give voters a choice to participate in GES’s Vote By Mail program. By all accounts, the election ran exceptionally well, staving off attempts at voter fraud, eliminating hacking and outside interference (Hi, Putin!), and most importantly, it helped ensure that all of the citizens of North Dakota had the ability to exercise their right to vote, without the threat of voter suppression.

For us, the value proposition that GES presents for DigitalAMN is two-fold.

We Do Well: The perceived impact to our equity portfolio could be tremendous. Particularly when you understand that GES owns various proprietary technologies that it is deploying, even today. The company also owns blockchain technologies that are continuingly being developed for future endeavors, such as voting apps among other alternatives. States, via their districts, allocate tens of millions of dollars annually to run state, local and federal elections,  With over 3,000 districts within the United States, there’s substantial room for growth in governmental elections.

We Do Good: In supporting GES, we give everyday people (the 99%), an opportunity to own a financial stake in a company that may potentially be one of very few answers to voter suppression. And with the current COVID-19 health crisis still looming, emergency calls for changes to our voting system nationwide are strongly in favor of voting-by-mail. 


The citizens of the United States deserve to cast their ballots with a fair, secure voting process, that’s free from voter suppression. Our most vulnerable citizens are shunted from the voting process and now, many of these communities are at a greater risk of contracting the coronavirus, when their attempts to exercise their right to vote are unfairly impeded.

We continue to stand on the premise that there can be no social justice without economic justice. Moving GES from my personal roster of clients and onboarding GES to DigitalAMN, further reflects our commitment to deliver value to DigitalAMN shareholders, bring additional investment opportunity to everyday people via the JOBS Act, and abide by our underlining mission – doing well while also doing good. 

We look forward to formalizing this relationship and soon announcing our further plan of action.

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