Organizing Ourselves For Continued Growth

On the heels of a recent acquisition, we’ve determined that it might be in the Company’s best interest to establish business divisions to better define our operations.

At present, we are considering three divisions at DigitalAMN, (i) ESO/PAI Ecosystem, (ii), Business Management Consulting and, (iii) Digital Asset Management. While we intend to expand on this initiative once finalized, we can briefly state that:

  1. The ESO/PAI Ecosystem – will focus on the goal of providing everyday people the access to establish and grow long-term, transferable wealth, while providing Angels and early-stage investors an earlier window to access liquidity from their private investments;
  2. Business Management Consulting – will focus on offering business development services to both public and privately held companies; and,
  3. Digital Asset Management (DAM) – will focus on acquiring and managing electronic assets that could be considered potentially ‘high value’ digital assets, including those in the online and blockchain marketplaces.

The Company currently operates in a fashion that would be tantamount to unofficial ‘Silos’. However, the lack of formality could potentially allow slippage, whereby both challenges and opportunities could either be misread and/or overlooked. When this happens, it could potentially jeopardize our investment of time and/or money. An example of this would be TruCrowd, Inc.  However, since our business model for the ESO/PAI Ecosystem Division is based on the overall legislation that is the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), it doesn’t hinge on any one particular equity crowdfunding company. It is very important that all of our stakeholders understand that difference. This is why we have the ability to align with and invest in other operators in that space and have already sought to expand our relationships.  

We believe creating and operating formalized divisions, will not only assist all stakeholders in better understanding our business (short-term and long-term revenue streams, composition of the equity portfolio and the ultimate value proposition), but will also support greater operating efficiency at DigitalAMN. Most important, the business divisions will tie nicely to our DAMN ethos and mantra.  

Another important item to note, our recent digital asset acquisition has pleasantly caused DigitalAMN to strategically enter a different but long-standing, multi-billion-dollar marketplace. We’ve also aligned with well-heeled, very successful and highly respected professionals in the field—each with 15+ years of experience. Such professional alliances should make for good and viable partnerships and revenue opportunities in the near term.

As demonstrated with other corporate initiatives, we continue to bear focus on organizing the Company for efficiency, as well as for optimal success. We certainly believe that segmenting our operations into the proposed divisions is appropriate, will greatly assist with this effort and support our long-term value proposition. 


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