The Next Frontier: TruCrowd Services to Lead DigitalAMN Financial Communications Division

While the TruCrowd Services, LLC (“TCS”) acquisition is pending finalization (ETA 2/07/20), we have made an additional capital injection into the financial communications company to support operations. 

During 2019, we earmarked enough capital to supplement TCS for the majority of 2020.  However, we do not anticipate having to continue funding this venture for any extended period of time. This is mostly because we see a clear path to scaling revenue efficiently and achieving profitability in the short-term. Also, considering the acumen of the communications specialist we’ve identified to lead this particular venture as TCS’ executive officer, we believe that TCS, as a specialized financial services communications agency, could potentially grow in visibility and market share rather easily. Our prospect for TCS’ executive officer role would [we believe] certainly give TCS the ability to become a formidable player in the arena of advertising, communications and marketing those private and public companies leveraging the JOBS Act; particularly Reg. CF and Reg. A+.

Just recently, DigitalAMN has been solicited by several OTC companies (Pink, QB, etc.) to assist with their Reg. A+ Offerings through TruCrowd Services, LLC. We anticipate that by incorporating TCS’ financial marketing services into our DigitalAMN ecosystem, we’d gain an additional tool to aggressively grow our own DAMN equity portfolio, as well as the overall value of our platform.

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