December 25, 2019
2 Major Crowdfunding Predictions for the 2020s (*now updated for coronavirus)

(This post was updated April 27, 2020 to reflect coronavirus) This past decade witnessed the inception and rollout of the JOBS Act, which opened the door for ordinary people to become equity investors in the same early stage startups that seem to make rich people richer. Separate from the traditional stock market, equity crowdfunding puts…

October 2, 2019
WeWork: More Proof Venture Capitalism Can Be Hocus Pocus

WeWork has halted pursuing an IPO and secured their footnote in VC history.  Founder vs. entrepreneur mentality WeWork’s implosion originated at the top, with CEO Adam Neumann. Early investors overlooked many problems with the leadership team, hoping to strike gold. Since the mess at WeWork can no longer be contained, the public is learning exactly…