DigitalAMN, truCrowd and Fundanna: The Equity Crowdfunding Dream Team

Why is truCrowd a natural fit for everyday investors?

truCrowd, Inc. is the operator of FINRA member equity crowdfunding portal, which operates under Reg. CF (Regulation Crowdfunding (Title III of JOBS ACT)).  With equity crowdfunding, everyday people can invest in those startups and development stage companies hoping to raise early stage capital and build a following or customer base. truCrowd, Inc. (“truCrowd”) offers everyday people the opportunity to invest in a space which was typically only reserved for accredited investors, until Title III of the JOBS Act became active in 2016.

Curious about raising capital through truCrowd?

Curious about investing with truCrowd?

Fundanna is an industry trailblazer

Fundanna, a platform operated by truCrowd, is the first equity crowdfunding portal dedicated solely to the cannabis industry. With legalization on the horizon in many states, this is an exciting time and opportunity for investors. Through equity crowdfunding, investing in the cannabis space is now accessible to everyone.

Through Fundanna, anyone can invest in cannabis startups. Like all truCrowd portals, Fundanna also offers startups and development stage companies the opportunity to raise up to $1.07 million.

Learn more about raising capital through Fundanna

Learn more about investing through Fundanna

DigitalAMN is accelerating angel investing

DigitalAMN completes the equity crowdfunding triangle of truCrowd and Fundanna! As the first company to utilize the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, DigitalAMN is unique for the equity crowdfunding industry. DigitalAMN strives to even the playing field and bring niche investment opportunities to everyday people. DigitalAMN also offers Angels and early stage investors potential liquidity in less than two years, without diluting their equity stake.

Learn more about DigitalAMN’s:

Angels+ program

Crowdfunding program

Invest+ program

Curious about equity crowdfunding?

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