If you didn’t know, let us “put you on,” as it is so said…

Vezt Inc. (“Vezt”) launched Its Blockchain Music Royalty Sharing App in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!!!

Amazingly, several song titles sold out fast! This proves the value proposition of Vezt as well as one of our primary curating methods… following “Smart Money Investors.”

Remember this Cheddar interview at the New York Stock Exchange just last October, 2017?

NOW… just a year later…, Vezt, which has listed its crypto token under the symbol VZT, has offices located in L.A. and South Korea. After launching its app, initially with royalty rights to just a few notable song titles, like songs recorded by: Mac Miller (Wear My Hat, and Gees – feat. Schoolboy Q), Rick Ross – Cigar Music, and Rihanna – Man Down; naming just a few – each of these selling out – Vezt’s Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Stewart indicated that, “Vezt anticipates adding upwards of 100,000 new song titles very quickly at the current pace.”

Here at DigitalAMN, we couldn’t be happier. Especially knowing that in such a small time, Vezt, the first supporter of Angels+ and a portfolio-company of DATI, had an initial estimated value of only $1.2M when it was in the conceptual development phase. Now, as we’ve been advised, Vezt currently boast an estimated value of nearly 30x that. Our Hats Off to Vezt!

Congratulation Team Vezt! Keep It Going and Let The Music Pay!

Download the app or visit https://www.vezt.co/ for more info.

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