What’s the Difference: PAI vs. Incubators & Accelerators

“Got the pens and pencils, got down to business, but sometimes the business end of this shit can turn your friends against you” – Dr. Dre 

Creep n crawl

From the sounds of it, Dre could have been an entrepreneur in a troubled startup incubator when this line was penned. (Psst, Dre! Incubators have legal teams). Incubators support folks very early on to help nurture them with resources like mentorship connections, finance and legal support. This beginner phase can even include presentation guidance and networking advice to prepare founders for the primetime event of early stage seed capital fundraising. 

Walk this way

Accelerators tend to be synonymous with the ‘equity in exchange for investment’ model Y Combinator helped pioneer and popularize. This structure is a short sprint towards demo day, in which founders have their chance to impress investors enough to hopefully secure funding. This seems to be the entrepreneur version of 8 Mile and the infamous one shot for those seeking help over the valley of death

Traditionally, accelerators tend to be quite tech-focused, but there are still other flavors to choose from.

Run this town 

In the PAI (Public Accelerator-Incubator) Ecosystem, participants are seeking cash, liquidity and/or opportunity. The PAI Ecosystem fosters growth opportunities for entrepreneurs of both private and publicly traded companies. Comprising companies that have been aligned either through investment, acquisition and/or strategic alliances, the PAI provides clients with one-on-one market-acceleration, marketing strategy, access to funding portals and global financial networks to raise capital, advanced business management consulting services, and access to early liquidity for both the entrepreneur and their investors.

This creates a virtuous circle that offers an equitable ratio of pie that’s infinitely scalable. In this structure, startups get their needs met toggling between the ideal parts of incubators, accelerators, business development, and equity crowdfunding all in one ecosystem, while investors (seasoned or novice) have access to a wider pool of well-vetted investment options and the flexibility of swift liquidity. By merging everyone’s needs and motivation, we can all share an equal slice of PAI.

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