PAI: The new ‘Public Accelerator-Incubator’ disrupting early-stage business development


Getting a startup off the ground has become much more challenging for many entrepreneurs.

Accelerators and incubators, which have helped thousands of startups in the U.S. over the last decade, are now challenged to look into new ways of addressing modern startups’ needs in a post-pandemic world.

As some of the World Economic Forum leaders have pointed out, it is high time that businesses are at the forefront of addressing our social challenges for a more inclusive recovery.

What has changed

 Last year’s difficulties have fundamentally changed the way businesses and customers interact, forcing the startup landscape to adapt with the new times.

Today, more businesses are adopting digital tech solutions, recognizing their social responsibilities, and connecting better with their audience than ever before. Current accelerator models must begin to transform to keep up with the advancing needs of the population.

Stepping up to the plate

As one of the newer hybrid accelerator platforms, DigitalAMN understands the power of communities and their impact on startup growth and development.

The Company has set itself up as a “Public Accelerator Incubator” (PAI), combining the early-stage support of an incubator, the speed and comprehensiveness of an accelerator, and the long-term outlook of a business development corporation.

As the first of its kind, the PAI provides an array of services, including marketing and communication, business development, and short to long-term capital formation.

What founder Ajene Watson and his team have built is a self-sustaining ecosystem where everyday Americans and their communities of aspiring investors and entrepreneurs all get their respective shares of the pie. Or, in this case, the PAI.

What’s in the PAI?

At the very heart of the PAI Ecosystem is faster acceleration for startups and development stage companies, quicker liquidity for Angels and investment opportunities, and financial literacy support for novice and non-accredited investors.

DigitalAMN brilliantly turns the traditional accelerator model on its head by letting everyday people invest as little as $100 via Equity Crowdfunding in companies they support. Virtually everyone who wants to own a piece of the next big business opportunity gets to have a seat at the table. This opportunity is unprecedented in the early-stage development scene until now.

DigitalAMN’s particular attention to the needs of undervalued communities ties nicely into the more socially responsible entrepreneurial support that modern startups and small businesses need.
Such an approach is also reflected in DigitalAMN’s selection of its client companies, which considers client applicants’ social responsibilities and their potential contribution to the PAI itself.

“The most important item we consider when reviewing applicants is ‘Impact’—their potential impact to our PAI economics; impact on society,” Watson explained. “So, while we do have a rigorous, 8-stage review process, whereby our focus is on arriving at those select few companies that fit our financial business model, it is important to be mindful that our model also supports both our mantra and ethos. That can be a heavy load for applicants to bear, but they must in order to become a PAI Client company.”

Through a mix of current and pending partnerships, investments, and acquisitions, DigitalAMN has so far established an ecosystem that includes: an owner-operator of equity crowdfunding portals, a digital marketing and communications specialist, an international, high-net-worth private deal club, business development consultants, a financial boot camp, and a growing network of private investors.

To be considered for the PAI ecosystem, startups and development-stage companies looking to grow or raise capital should fill out an application on DigitalAMN’s website. Potential investors who want to get updated on new investment opportunities can join the PAI community as well.
Joining the DigitalAMN community through the website grants users access to helpful resources for both entrepreneurs and investors. Taking it a step further, DigitalAMN is intent on allowing the community to get involved in the selection process of the companies that it supports under the PAI program.

Essentially, the PAI Ecosystem is building a culture and network that perpetuates a process of learning, cooperation, collaboration, and the ability to establish and grow transferable wealth for everyone involved.

The PAI’s disruption of the investor and entrepreneurial support spheres has started, and it could not come at a better time.

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