DigitalAMN Executes Term Sheet to Invest in and Ally with ‘Members Only’ Investment Network Goldfingr

We have completed our initial negotiations to align with the ‘Members Only,’ private investment network, Goldfingr – executing a term sheet to invest in and align with Goldfingr.

While we cannot yet discuss the particulars of the terms, we can disclose that as intended, DigitalAMN’s investment into Goldfingr should have a positive impact on the value of our equity portfolio and prove valuable to substantiating and growing our PAI ecosystem. We’ve committed to a significant amount of due diligence around this alliance through our investment with Goldfingr. This due diligence included (but is not limited to):

  • Two years of courtship;
  • DigitalAMN becoming a private member of Goldfingr through its vetting process;
  • Reviewing many of the business ventures that present at Goldfingr deal club summits;
  • Attending the deal club summits; and,
  • Presenting one of our own client-companies in the DAMN client and equity portfolios to Goldfingr’s vetting process – to give a presentation at a deal club summit – resulting in a potential  $2M funding opportunity for our client-company.

Goldfingr is like a rocket ship launching into the atmosphere and we want to be all-aboard! As mentioned in a previous Coffee Talk, “DigitalAMN Looks to Invest and Ally With ‘Members Only’ Goldfingr Investment Network” I find Goldfingr to be a really cool venture that represents one of those investments intended to play an important role in improving the efficacy of DigitalAMN’s PAI ecosystem. I firmly believe that the value of this alliance through our investment will greatly help us prepare for and validate the second phase of our PAI model [Incubation], which occurs upon completion of   the acceleration phase.

We are excited and anticipate finalizing the remaining contracts this month and will execute the initial wire in our investment commitment to Goldfingr this upcoming week. Now, let’s ‘bring home the gold.’

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