Upward and Onward – A Few Items for the Quarter

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We believe that we are headed toward the beginning of some potentially big wins; especially considering the interesting business prospects available for us to participate in. Whether it’s onboarding new client-companies, finalizing our arrangement with companies like Goldfingr, or seriously entertaining prospects in bitcoin mining operations—we are fairly confident that we are ready to initiate some exciting pursuits.

In terms of operations, we have several items on the agenda for this QT. A few of these include (but are not limited to):

  1. Rebalance current equity portfolio

There are some businesses that we hold in our equity portfolio where the companies appear to be doing well and opportunities have presented themselves for us to increase our holdings in those particular ventures. Of course, in one or two instances, we will likely divest of the laggers, while taking an opportunity to secure positions in some very interesting new prospects.

  1. Complete our market-acceleration program—front end of our PAI Ecosystem

Fortunately, we have officially engaged Miguel Sanchez’s Mass Ideation to help build and guide us through this process. Mr. Sanchez will leverage many of the VillageCapital acceleration principles he employs at the MetaBronx Accelerator, but with our ecosystem’s added emphasis on preparing a startup or development stage company (private or public) for a crowd supported capital raise, as per the JOBS Act (i.e. Reg. CF, Reg. A+, etc.).

Beginning next month, we will likely provide periodic video recaps of our journey through our own PAI Ecosystem, to help clarify our business model and value proposition. That should be a fun experience! 

  1. Build an asynchronous curriculum for our market-acceleration program

With Miguel’s guidance, we realized that we could partly automate the market-acceleration program by restructuring the curriculum to be accessed through a Learning Management System (LMS). This would inevitably speed up our PAI process on the front end of the ecosystem, as well as quite possibly lead us to additional sources of revenue. We are currently in the first phase of this development.

  1. Onboarding new companies to the PAI Ecosystem

Now that we have announced our readiness to fully operate the PAI Ecosystem as well as the fact that DigitalAMN is currently assessing the PAI Ecosystem as a ‘client’ (so-to-speak), it’s time we begin onboarding exciting new companies. Management has already begun evaluating very interesting startup and development stage companies and plans to soon ramp-up the application process.  

To that end, if you are an entrepreneur, or know an entrepreneur operating a startup or development stage company (private or public) seeking capital and/or business support services, please contact us here.  

  1. Increase support to current ecosystem companies

The PAI Ecosystem is comprised of companies that we have aligned with either through investment, acquisition and/or strategic alliances. While it’s not a requirement to continually invest in or participate in additional ventures with an ecosystem company, where permissible, we will pursue viable opportunities. Such opportunities are certainly presenting themselves for us in both equity crowdfunding (i.e. TruCrowd, StartEngine) and the business-social curation platforms (i.e. Goldfingr, Lunchclub, Clubhouse, etc.)—both markets being elements of our PAI Ecosystem.

In both cases, we will look to extend our reach into those particular marketplaces to strengthen our PAI Ecosystem and equity portfolio, by potentially deepening our relationship with both Goldfingr and TruCrowd, Inc

And lastly…

  1. Advance Blockchain and crypto initiatives

Our first foray into a crypto venture has not yet met our initial expectations, despite the value of our position increasing well over 2000% to-date. Responsibly I must say, the current multi-million-dollar value of our holdings is still nothing to write home about just yet. Although there are some opportunities we see just over the horizon that may possibly change that sentiment. In the meantime, however, a stall in one particular venture does not deter us from participating in what may be considered one of the hottest markets in history. So, we ‘mine’ on.

We are currently enthused about an international company in the crypto mining space (bitcoin mining) that recently reached out to DigitalAMN for a potential engagement. Be mindful that during 2017/18, we were asked to assist with several crypto mining ventures. We however, declined to participate at that time. Given that our business model is rooted in a ‘social impact’ philosophy, we try not to make decisions based on ‘what’s hot’ now if it may potentially hurt the everyday investor later. Granted, the idea of mining was of real interest back then, and it is even more so today. 

For us, the difference today is, the perceived legitimacy of the marketplace, a sense of regulatory easing, and the true value of this opportunity for DigitalAMN. And when that opportunity is slated against a 12-megawatt bitcoin mining operation with an extremely competitive kilowatt cost and incredible hashrates from over 3,500 A1246 servers, just to start, that is certainly something we can align with—either in an advisory capacity, for our equity portfolio or our PAI Ecosystem.

So, this time around, when it comes to the blockchain and crypto mining market, we believe we have identified the right crypto mining venture, at the right time, for DigitalAMN to be engaged with.

I often say, “I’m not in a rush to go to heaven nor hell.” So, you will find that quite often, no matter the venture, we will usually take considerable time to evaluate an opportunity; executing only when we believe the objective to be reasonably achievable, with long-term accretive impact. Therefore, we take our time, helping to limit risky behavior from us in our marketplace and hopefully, instill a long-term interest and confidence in DigitalAMN.

Are you a DigitalAMN shareholder, an entrepreneur or investor? Find out more or contact us at info@digitalamn.com with your inquiries.

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