We’re Expanding Our Communications Initiatives – Tell Everyone!

In 2018, we recognized the importance of communicating our message to the world. To be clear however, ‘the world’ means everyday people – not just DATI shareholders, the microcap markets or penny stock investors.    

We recognized that there can be no social justice without economic justice, so we set upon communicating a message of financial literacy and economic empowerment, as we built our PAI ecosystem [Public Accelerator-Incubator].  To accomplish this, we hired a content and communications management firm, The Campbell Agency.

Believe me when I tell you, it’s rather challenging to communicate the immeasurable value of DigitalAMN and the PAI, while also conveying our altruistic intention. DigitalAMN is an acquisition and business developer of startups, development stage companies and established businesses, which promotes economic growth, social empowerment and financial literacy, within the business and investment communities. We strongly believe in doing well, while also doing good.

Our current stats prove that we’ve witnessed consistent growth in our following: social engagements, website visits, internet presence and validation as thought leaders; which we’ll continue to develop. What we are looking to do now however, is ensure that DATI shareholders, the microcap markets and penny stock investors are fully aware of our continued accomplishments. We intend to do this by expanding our communication efforts to include investor relations services that are administered in compliance with the OTC Markets Promotional guidelines.

To that end, we’ve retained Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC (EMC) as our IR agency of choice.

This was not a decision we made lightly. Understanding the difference between appropriate and inappropriate investor relations, our primary concern is that whomever we worked with was in ‘good standing’ (so-to-speak) with the OTC Markets Group. The next thing was to review their references, then to begin the dance of due diligence, which began in late 2019. What I liked very much about EMC, is that they too had a list of criteria that we had to meet, before signing us on as a client. EMC has a highly regarded reputation. They have over 20 years of experience specializing in this arena and they are adept at accurately sharing a company’s message with the public.

So after preliminary discussions, several meetings and a trial engagement, EMC has accepted DigitalAMN as a client, and we’ve engaged EMC to help us expand our communication efforts, specifically to ensure proper and appropriate marketing to the public marketplace.

Why Does This Matter?

We  are positive that most people, even those that follow our message of financial literacy and economic empowerment, are unaware of what DigitalAMN actually does, how we do it, and most importantly – the many accomplishments that we’ve made along the way. For example, as noted in yesterday’s update on path forward amid COVID-19 disruptions, we’ve accomplished plenty since our initial launch of the PAI strategy back in 2017 – beginning with our stake in top-ten rated equity crowdfunding portal owner and operator. Other accomplishments included (but are not limited to)  

How many shareholders knew about any of this before we announced it in the update? Or that we:

  • Reduced the issued and outstanding by 84%, down from over 120M shares to today’s current 19M+ (without employing any stock splits); 
  • Raised roughly $1.1M, at either:
    • (i) fixed stock price of $0.35 (approx. 480% greater than current avg price) – which means that while our market cap is about $1.2M, we’re constantly raising money at a roughly $7M valuation
    • (ii) fixed interest non-convertible non-dilutive financings;
  • Further strengthened our cap table – eliminated 1M common shares from the cap table and negotiated the elimination of an additional 1M common shares (completion eta (June 2020));
  • Removed upwards of $250k cash from payable liabilities and further negotiated the removal of roughly $250k more cash from payable liabilities (completion ETA (June 2020)); and,
  • Established a fixed floor price of $0.35 for all common stock issuances (new issuances, conversions, compensation, etc.).

This is all important information for DATI shareholders to know, especially that we have a fixed floor price of $0.35 for all common stock issuances. This floor price in and of itself helps to protect DATI shareholders from toxic financing and heavy dilution – be mindful, since 2017, the trading float has only increased 2,247,802 shares from 2,256,736 to 4,504,538. 

What’s Next?

We will continue to work diligently at communicating the message of financial literacy and economic empowerment to everyday people. And with the engagement of Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC, we can now begin to better tell the story of our business – the PAI Model, the business strategy, execution of the plan, and our achievements – to DATI shareholders and the public markets.

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