2019 Was A Wild Ride for Cannabis, So What’s Next for 2020 and Beyond?

November 19, 2019

Cannabis has become mainstream A medicinal substance which isn’t quite Federally legal, is now being touted in holiday travel gift guides for 2019 and openly discussed by the TSA. In fact, it would appear as though the TSA has reassured the public that they aren’t even looking for weed, which likely caused a sigh of…

Crowdfunding: The Coal that Powers the Engine of Economic Prosperity

October 30, 2019

Backbone of the economy Entrepreneurs who start small businesses can be powerful forces in boosting economic growth and creating jobs. In fact, the US Senate recently held a briefing of the Entrepreneurship Caucus, to discuss crowdfunding and issues that impact entrepreneurs, because they seek to understand why startup rates have dropped to a near 30-year…

WeWork: More Proof Venture Capitalism Can Be Hocus Pocus

October 2, 2019

WeWork has halted pursuing an IPO and secured their footnote in VC history.  Founder vs. entrepreneur mentality WeWork’s implosion originated at the top, with CEO Adam Neumann. Early investors overlooked many problems with the leadership team, hoping to strike gold. Since the mess at WeWork can no longer be contained, the public is learning exactly…

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