OTC markets

May 28, 2020
We’re Expanding Our Communications Initiatives – Tell Everyone!

In 2018, we recognized the importance of communicating our message to the world. To be clear however, ‘the world’ means everyday people – not just DATI shareholders, the microcap markets or penny stock investors.     We recognized that there can be no social justice without economic justice, so we set upon communicating a message of financial…

August 8, 2018
Let’s talk about money: 3 tips to end the awkwardness

We’re all human, we’ve all felt pressured to buy something from a pushy salesperson at one time or agreed to do something we wouldn’t normally spend a dime on. Collectively we can alleviate that awkwardness by being honest with those closest to us and actually speaking up about money and finances. Like most things, talking…

July 25, 2018
The WorkDone Revolution is Underway

What is machine learning? A branch on the tree of artificial intelligence, machine learning is based on the notion that computer systems can learn from data, clearly identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Developed from pattern recognition, these computers are capable of cumulative learning without being programmed to perform specific tasks. Machine…