Coffee Talk

DigitalAMN’s 2nd Largest Stockholder Will Exchange Common Shares for Preferred

September 24, 2019

Since taking on the role of DigitalAMN CEO, DATI’s marketplace has been on the top of my mind for quite some time now.  Currently, our equity portfolio is valued higher than our entire market cap – which is based solely on just one of our holdings. This could indicate a disconnect between our current market…

We’re Gonna Invest in Project JAM – JAM Compass

September 20, 2019

Big industry news, Spotify has purchased SoundBetter, a production marketplace similar to our most recent music client-company, Project JAM. Project JAM, Inc. Justice For All Musicians (“JAM”) is a blockchain component, social media platform, focused on bringing fairness and transparency to the music industry. Through working with our Angels+ client, Vezt Inc., – which continues…

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